Handcrafted Log Homes

Specializing in Dovetail corners, with the traditional round exterior walls, and the more modern flat interior log walls.

Harrison Log Homes uses oversize logs, commonly a 14" wall, which results in an excellent R-value. We use superior log species from British Columbia including Spruce, Pine, Cedar and Fir. On our full scribe logs we utilize the overscribe method to accommodate any shrinkage that may occur. The lateral groves are then insulated with foam P gasket and pink insulation to eliminate heat loss.

Located in Saanichton B.C., we are living and working with a passion for the art, the craft and the engineering of what we do.

Dedicated to quality & craftmanship, Harrison Log Homes has been building high quality, handcrafted log homes in British Columbia for years, with more than a decade of experience in all aspects of log home construction, from foundation to turn-key to finished lockup.

Harrison Log Homes is especially proud to offer clients all those extra special features like log railings & log stairs, plus unique features like wood art murals and doors, to accent your home.

Make your dreams come true with the natural beauty of a handcrafted log home.