Quality & Service

We are committed to ensuring that every log home we build is a product of excellence - from the smallest cabin to the grandest lodge. We offer complete log home packages built to last a lifetime.

Log Homes present a unique construction system. We will take you through the steps of planning, using your design or one of ours, to create a timeless treasure. Log Home construction, delivery, and assembly at your site will be done in a timely and professional manner.

We specialize in building high quality, handcrafted log homes. We have over a decade of experience in all aspects of log home construction, from foundation to turnkey to finished lockup.


Attention to Detail

Harrison Log Homes builds full scribe log homes for one of the most weather-tight, comfortable, log home choices. We also offer many special features, including saddle corner notch and dovetail corner notch with round or squared logs, handcrafted log railings, log stairs, and power saw carvings.

Harrison Log Homes uses oversize logs, commonly a 14" wall, which results in an excellent R-value. We use superior log species from British Columbia including Spruce, Pine, Cedar and Fir. Some logs can be up to 36" in diameter. On our full scribes we utilize the overscribe method to accommodate any shrinkage that may occur. The lateral groves are then insulated with foam P gasket and pink insulation to mimimize heat loss. The foam gaskets stop at the corner notches.


Our Log Homes Options

Handcrafted or Machined Logs

Dry logs or Green logs.
(The advantage of using dry logs means less checking & less shrinkage)

Round Exterior Log walls with Flat Interior log walls and Dovetail corners

Round Long • Square Timber • Post & Beam

Spruce • Pine • Cedar • Hemlock

Log Diameter 12” – 28”



•• Dovetail corners ••

Traditional saddle notch corners


Log or Timber Trusses

Log Gables • Log Roof systems


Door & windows openings - cut to finish with keyways
Ready for installation of door & window units
All logs and notches insulated in our yard during construction


Finishing Touches

Handcrafted log railings
Mortise & tenon log stairs or milled square timber stairs
Unique stairs & railings of natural trees
Unique Feature – inlaid wood (intarsia) doors & murals using natural colored woods from BC, Canada & around the world

Inlaid Wood Intarsia

We offer unique features to accent your beautiful new home. Our lead builder is an artist and craftsman, specializing in inlaid wood intarsia doors and murals and power saw carvings. We can work with you to create your vision, or you can peruse some of our custom design work. We use natural coloured woods from around the world.